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27 Most Dangerous Martial Arts In The World [+Pictures]

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27. Vale Tudo


Originated in Brazil, meaning “anything goes.” It is a full contact combat sport that has almost No rules.

26. Pugilism


Pugilism is popularly known as Boxing. In this kind of combat the head is the primary target, although punches to the body are also performed.

25. Jailhouse Rock

This kind of martial arts has got something to do with fighting in jails. A kind of combat, refers to improvisational fighting styles in the United States Penal System. There is only few information with regard this martial arts, and it has remained a mystery.

24. Bacom

Is a martial arts also known as “Vacon,” which is practiced by Peruvians on the streets of Lima. Most Bacom contests ends in death because of this common practice of carrying hidden weapons and using of deception.


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