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5 Important Tips to extend Your Laptop/PC Battery Life

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Most times due to epileptic power supply , we rely majorly on the battery of our Laptops to complete the many tasks we have at hand after power failure. And at those times you would expect that battery to perform 100% so that you could at least do some more things before power is restored. But Many at times the time is just not enough because your battery no longer lasts its normal time. So how do we extend or prolong the battery life of the battery of your laptop?

Check how the 5 things you must do to extend your battery life.


1. Switch on the optimized battery or power feature.

You’ll find this option — sometimes referred to as max battery mode — in your laptop system’s built-in power management control panel. You can select the option to reduce the amount of time your inactive laptop stays on before powering itself down and going to sleep.

Tip! Turning off power-draining facilities like backlights can preserve quite a bit of battery life.




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