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5 Reasons Why Lagosians Don’t Like Police Officers

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They say ‘Police is your friend’, but not all Lagosians can attest to that.

The mantra is a popular, yet meaningless inscription you find in almost all police stations in Lagos. It is Only a JJC that will believe it. In fact, the sight of a person in uniform brings goose pimples to some Lagosians.

Lagosians hate the police for many reasons but here are 5 reason Lagosians don’t consider the police as their friend.

1. Bribery and Extortion

Bribery is no doubt the biggest reason the police in Lagos is hated and has lost all sense of respect. Every police officer is viewed as a potential bribe collector. Some people with the means even break the law knowing that they can pay their way through. Lagosians feel that the toughest of police can be broken down by offering him a few Naira notes. This has made the police lose all sense of respect among the citizens.



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