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5 Reasons Why Lagosians Don’t Like Police Officers

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2. They Arrive At The Crime Scene After The ‘Crime’ is over.

911 is the first thing that probably comes to the mind of any American in time of distress. Some Lagosians feel that the police never respond on time but only come after the storm has cleared. In a robbery situation for example, there is the popular belief that the police will claim they have no fuel but will come after the robbers have gone hours later blowing their sirens!

3. They Are Criminals In Disguise

The police is supposed to fight crime but some Lagosians feel police officers sometimes perpetuate crime. Some Lagosians feel the police support criminals with guns to commit crime and this has left a bad taste in the mouth of a lot of people. Whether this is true or not cannot be confirmed that it has been alluded to many times that a lot of people believe it.



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