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7 Types Of People You Will Meet In Public Transport

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If you use public transportation, here are seven (7) attitudes you will often find in passengers.
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1. Assistant Drivers:
These ones are usually in front seats. You’ll always hear them yelling at the driver saying, “Take left! Overtake that guy!” Or, “Driver no match brake na! Na him suppose stop for you…”, or even, “Why you let am pass you? Driver you too slow oooh!”. The annoying thing is that if you let them drive the car, they’ll do worse sef!
2. Assistant conductors:
You find this set poking nosing in the “conductor’s” issues. You hear them saying stuffs like, “Conductor u never give that woman change for front”, or “Enter na, the bus dey go Ojuelegba….”, or even “Conductor that man change don pass oh!”.



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  1. The fraudsters:
    This ones pays the exact bus fare and later lie they paid the highest currency note to receive change from the conductor.

  2. The liars:
    These ones always use their strategy in a route where long coasters buses are being used. They purposely sit in the front row. When the conductor asks them for money they point to the back like they got someone to pay for them.

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