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Meet 10 Self Made Teenage Millionaires [+Pictures]

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When you think of all of the young people in the entertainment industry, the idea of a teenage millionaire is not too rare. Kids can easily make millions even before becoming a teen if the kid has the indescribable “it factor”. What does seem to be more rare is the idea of a self-made teen millionaire.
You hear all kinds of stories about a kid creating a small business to earn cash, but this is normally to save for college; when college time comes, the business selling cookies or an odd commodity is put on the back-burner for more lucrative and stable endeavors. Not a lot of these young entrepreneurs get to experience this kind of success that leads to a million to multi-million dollar payday.
Those exception to the rule are these ten teens. Their hobbies as teens turned into million plus careers. Let us have a look:

10. Jordan Maron AKA Captainsparklez

One of the lucky few who took a hobby and turned it into a multi-million dollar source of cash was Jordan Maron.
Jordan Maron is a well known YouTuber who is usually called Captainsparklez. His Captainsparklez YouTube channel was created when he was just 18 years and before that, he created his original Youtube channel PosDontTalkSh**. Even while he was using ProsDontTalkSh**, Maron had already partnered with Machinima.com’s media streaming website and multi-channel network.
Call of Duty videos were what Jordan used to usually post, but he took off when he launched his CaptainSparklez channel, where he became known for his Minecraft song parodies and play videos. Until this day, he is one of the most successful stars in YouTube, with billions of views, millions of subscribers, and a net worth of $8.2 million.

9. Nick D’Aloisio

Nick is a self-taught programmer who began learning about programming with a copy of C for Dummies and How-To videos on the internet. Once he was good enough at programming, at the age of 12, he launched his first app, and since then, he has been developing a new app every time when the summer holidays would come. Finally, at the age of 15, he developed an app called Trimmit, which condensed length articles into short summaries between 140 to 1000 characters. A Hong KOng billionaire saw a chance and gave Nick $300,000 in venture capital to make his app as perfect as possible. Summly would be the name of this re-work. Yahoo! paid $30 million for this app. To add on, a position in the company was given to Nick.



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