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Top 10 States In Nigeria With The Most Beautiful Girls – Do You Agree?

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Nigeria is arguably endowed with the most beautiful chicks in Africa.

Within Nigeria itself, there are awesomely beautiful damsels.

But some states can pride to have them in higher concentration than others.

Now, Let’s hit the market with my well-researched list.

1. IMO:

Arguably this state possesses the prettiest damsels in the country. Well-endowed in all ramifications. Little wonder the state has the highest number of Peagents and Models in Nigeria. IMSU alone houses 60% of these beauties.


Lagos per-say boasts of awesome and classy beauties owing to its cosmopolitan nature. the state is a confluence of most beautiful girls from different background and entities. A visit to Akoka will attest.



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  1. I think otherwise. I believe you haven’t not travelled to most parts of the northern parts of Nigeria.

  2. Nice one buh puttin port harcourt as d 6th state is a no xcept its not acordin to S/N.Rivers is suppose to b btwn 1-3.

  3. I dnt think dis person has gone anywhere near d northern part dis list doesn’t make any sense

  4. I dnt think dis person has gone anywhere near d northern part if not d person won’t make dis list

  5. u guys re unfair,i really dont know y u think Edo girls re average in beauty,that pics reping Edo girls is not near an average Edo girl’s beauty. V u been to ring road (centre of Edo)? check uniben,come to GRA and n try rating them again. No faithful husband in benin o… They ladies re so pretty u get confused sometimes… Go to faith arena church or winners airport road. Drive around GRA and stop by at KADA cinemas.

  6. I think otherwise perhaps its d writer’s opinion… Béauty lies in d eye of beholder anyways, but generally its never an ideal measure to approach complex issues by applying inductive reasoning techniques… Basically d analysis is not based on verifiable facts.

  7. All of you’re complaining, which of cos I strongly disagree with the list but what about the states not even there @ all. A lot of argument going on here concerning this list.

  8. Aliyu Zainab O.N

    I presume whoever compiled this list has not rily been all round Nigeria…there are thousands of beauties in northern states, how about kogi and Jos in d north central as well…then you’ll need to visit kogi state uni sometime ..

  9. I don’t think you got it right. Firstly, Edo can’t be last because they are the major tribe with the most beautiful girls in Nigeria. And you totally forgot about Fulani girls.

  10. Dnt fuck with kogi and other northern babes they angels in their own small world one nids to visit there to know Wetin dey

  11. Dnt fuck with kogi and other northern babes den no b Shere Shere ooo!!!!

  12. We the writer asked question which answer is “NO” cause natural beauty can be trace to state like, Kogi, Edo, Delta, Ilorin, Kano, Imo to start with in Nigeria

  13. U try, but dats jst ur opinion anyway, yeah am aware igbos girls are pretty, but Edo girls shud be up dere too. Probably 2nd or 3rd. Jst sayin…. nd mind u dhat pix is nt an edo gal lol, are u kidding me?

  14. Dear poster.. you’re correct!

  15. Abeg you all know that igbo people have more light skinned gals than any other tribe so I don’t get wat all the fuss is about

    • Do you rate beauty with the color of the skin? ..naah! And what is this talk about checking out universities in the mentioned states. Don’t forget that our Universities re a gathering of people from different states and background.

  16. Fem dia………who dey mention Kogi girls!!!! If na bleaching dem go carry first…….the list kind of represents alittle but Edo girls deserve better than that and Kaduna girls make brain ooo

  17. For not mentioning Benue at all tells me the writer is either bias or he has not done his homework well. Even though am from Delta

  18. Comment: like seriously? Akwa ibom is not on the list? whoever compiled this lost is retarded

    • I agree with you, cos d only girl I love and gonna settle down with is ibibio girl, mehn they ‘re damn beautiful, and also the fulani educated babes

  19. Comment:wah of abia girls? seriously ds selection is not right

  20. I agree wit u vickee benue gals are beautiful

  21. D writters judgement shows he/she has travelled wide enough. So Jejune nd mayopic a view. Sorry writter.

  22. Duchess Beautii

    Y’all said Top 10 states with the MOST NATURALLY BEAUTIFUL LADIES abi? Abeg I didn’t see AKWA IBOM STATE on that list??? Referring to a particular set of women from a certain tribe as “Bediful” is very wrong and uncalled for.And besides if there is any place that should take the higher praises on natural beauty Ladies are HAUSA & FULANI,EDO,IMO,AKWAIBOM & CROSS RIVER,RIVERS STATE….. This list is messed up, putting OGUN STATE Girls ahead??? Abeg this list no follow. Do your research well

  23. Your compilation are not that right.
    I’ll pick them in this order:
    1. Kalahari girls
    2. Fulani
    3. Cross-River
    4. Lagos
    5. Imo
    6. Delta
    7. Ondo
    8. Ogun
    9. Anambra
    10. Edo

  24. It’s a no to delta. That’s where I served and no single damsel I ever took note. Delta is an exemption.

  25. Hahahahahah, interesting tho, for me delta is out of it, Edo girls Dnt try them they are beautiful, ogun state girl are endowed wit butt and brain, Hausa girls are pretty, of course igbo girls in general damsels, lagos girls classy and beautiful, dats all for now.

  26. Comment:I guess we you talking about Hausa’s u meant northeners in general right,Cus my state is not mentioned. believe me we have black beauties damsels in Kaduna state.

  27. Agree with dat kaduna gals re beauties.black is beautiful

  28. The writer should please take a trip to the north east, Bauchi, Gombe, Taraba, Adamawa, Borno, Yobe.

  29. Comment: this isn’t fair wat about d northern part of Nig aren’t they damsels….in fact dey are more than gorgeous, just try to visit admawa, you will come to know d fact!

  30. Akinloye gbenga

    I just checked up there…..people are dropping comments about there own states…my state was not mentioned above(Ondo states)but what I feel is that..every state got there own beauty..which means every state is beautiful…the judgment will now be based on which states u have been to….Gmanrocks view

  31. Akinloye gbenga

    For me Lagos babes no 1anytime anyday

  32. Abodemi Olamide

    I am a Lagosian but obviously this writer is biased, you mentioned Auchi in the space of Delta, Auchi people are Edo North. I schooled in Uniben and I have a Bini girlfriend, damn she is pretty as heaven! The Evans in Edo are more light skinned with pointed nose, they are far prettier than all the list you wrote there. #ShallaToMyBeninOrente

  33. Well….the list to me is okay. And Ogun state truly is both brain and beauty. We got something reasonable!!

  34. charmingprincess

    This person Is drunk I swear, imagine calling ogun before kano, are u blind pls. We all know that fulani and some part of hausa are very beautiful. And he even named imo state and enugu before anambra hahahahahahhahahaha. Chaiii this person is seriously high.

  35. Hahaha….this is hilarious, seriously ?
    guy u need to wake up from that slumber jare, come to the north & see beauty in abundance. anyways I believe u are only saying what u know, plz try & make a proper home work…ok?

  36. My guy u’ve not researched well… Go back to ur working board

  37. Naturally northern girls are the most prettiest girls in Nigeria.

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