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20 Rappers That Went Broke – You Will Be Surprised [LOOK]

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Method Man

Method Man was most notable as a member of the famed Wu Tang Clan. Method Man then went on to appear in a couple of movies and TV shows, including the stoner classic “How High”. The real question, though, is how high his tax problem could go before he had to do some serious jail time.

After being charged with tax evasion by the feds, Method Man was staring at four whole years of being locked up. Not exactly the most gangster way of going to jail. He didn’t have to do nearly that much, fortunately, and pleaded guilty to make the jail time go away. The guy who carried the mantra of C.R.E.A.M. (Cash Rules Everything Around Me) is still being ruled by cash, it just happens to be a negative amount.


This one comes as a big surprise since Nelly has stayed relevant in the mainstream music scene and still flashes his money around from time to time. The title is “Rappers Who Went Broke”, and not necessarily “Rappers That Are Still Broke”. Nelly’s bankruptcy was short lived as he lost all of his earnings in 2011 from a bad gambling habit.

It has only taken three years for Nelly to bounce back in a big way. After crossing over into the country music scene (yet again) with Florida Georgia Line, the rapper is doing just fine for himself. Nelly has gotten his net worth back up to over $60 million in one of the biggest financial roller coasters you will ever see.


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