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7 Reasons Why People Skip Church These Days (MUST READ)

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Back in the early 1990’s when Christianity was dominating others forms of #eligion, a lot of people flock to church. But those numbers seems to reduce over the years. The reasons are listed below, though some are assertions.


No need to debate on this fact as its all clear and decipherable. Perhaps, even in-eradicable. We all say one thing and do the other, we all criticize people and still turn around to indulge in the same acts we were vehemently against. The church is full of this set of people, thus making people lack the desire to go to church. Yes.. I am an hypocrite, but with all due respect, you are also an hypocrite.



You could chose to debate on this. Since when was the church meant to be entertaining?. Well! The church has witness a dramatical change over the years, and to some people, this assertion is true.




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  1. Whoever write this piece, please use such time to write more encouraging sides of the Church! Because without the Church, the whole World will be in chaos.

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