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8 Important settings you should check when you get a new Iphone

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Apple-Music-release-date (1)Once upon a time, iOS “just worked” out of the box. But over the years, Apple’s introduced all kinds of features to iOS that most of us don’t want to use. I’ve been an iOS user since the start, and for the first time recently decided to do a clean install instead of loading my settings from a backup. I forgot how many default settings I had to change just to make iOS useable

What us really annoying is the very many limitations IOS hinders you from freely like other devices, so don’t think of this as the gospel truth for what you should enable or disable. Instead, think of it more as a resource for hunting down the settings in iOS that you probably want to take a look at (including ones that tend to kill your battery). Beyond that, there’s value in the clean install and as you’re prepping for iOS 9 (and a new iPhone), it’s not a bad idea to start from scratch and get rid of all the crap that’s filled up your iOS device over the years. Let’s make iOS useable again.

1 Toggle “Reduce Motion”

Every iOS Setting You Should Check When You Get a New Phone

Apple toned down the parallax effect introduced in iOS 7 in a post-launch update, but it’s still a little nausea-inducing for some people. If the quick animations and moving icons on the screen don’t work for you, you can easily turn them off under Settings > General > Accessibility and set Reduce Motion to on.

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