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Girl Power: Top 10 Highest Paid Women in The World

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Humanity has been working towards equality since the dawn of time, but even after every advancement we’ve made, on average women are still not earning as much as men. These days the wage gap is close to 76.5 percent, with women earning a median income of $37,791 while men earn $49,398. Every year we are getting closer and closer to bridging the gap of gender inequality, but there is still a long way to go before equality can truly be found in the workplace.

Regardless of the odds being against them some women are still making more than almost any man in the world, and laying the foundation for women to earn more in any workplace; these are some of the most powerful women in the world, each with a net worth that reaches into the billions, and will have a lot of say in how the way the economy runs for decades to come.

But who are these super rich women, and exactly how much are they really earning from their jobs? Here are the top 10 highest paid women in the world, and they are some of the most educated and economically savvy people alive today.

#10 – Elizabeth Buse ($15,586,076/Year)

Elizabeth-BuseElizabeth Buse earned her MBA attending the University of California in Berkeley, but later attended the University of California Los Angeles to earn a BA in Spanish Linguistics as well. Buse studied overseas at the Universidad Complutense de Madrid, and used her international speaking abilities to become a top level executive for some major companies, working in three large organizations during her illustrious business career.

Earlier in 2015, Elizabeth Buse was named the active CEO of Monitise plc, after nearly a year of serving as the Co-CEO; before that, Buse made a name for herself as the Executive Vice President of Global Solutions for Visa, the credit card giant that can be seen worldwide. Buse spent nearly 15 years working for Visa, climbing her way up the ladder after transferring over from First Data Corp; in the last year alone, her earnings clocked in at $15,586,076, that’s enough for her to take her money “everywhere she wants it.”

#9 – Marillyn Hewson ($15,746,535/Year)

Marillyn-Hewson61 Year old Marillyn Hewson came from the small town of Junction City, Kansas, and moved to Alabama to pursue her bachelor’s degree in business administration; later she would continue her educational journey by acquiring a masters in economics from the University of Alabama. Hewson joined Lockheed Martin a few years after college and has stayed with the company for more than 30 years: gaining a more and more prestigious position seemingly every year.

Hewson’s biggest career highlight with Lockheed Martin came in November of 2012 when she was named to the board of directors; Hewson has been the CEO and President of Lockheed Martin since early 2013, and is also serving on the board of directors for both Sandia National Laboratories and DuPont. Forbes named Hewson one of the most powerful women in business, and it’s easy to see why since she earns $15,746,535 per year. Martin may have come from a small town, but she’s living it big now!



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