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How to Transfer photos from your PC to your iPhone without cable using iCloud

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How to transfer photos from computer to iPhone (iOS 8)

1) Head to iCloud.com. To transfer photos from your PC to your iPhone, the first thing you need to do is access the iCloud website from your browser. Simply open your browser, navigate to iCloud.com and log in with your Apple ID.

2) Access your Photo Library. Once you’ve logged in to the iCloud website, click the Photos icon on the top row of apps. It’s worth noting that loading times may vary depending on the size of the library, with larger libraries taking upwards of 10 seconds to display. Also, if this is the first time you’ve accessed your Photo library from a browser, you’ll have to go through a first time setup.

3) Select photos to add to your photo library and iPhone. Once you’ve opened the Photos app and accessed your Photos library, there should be an “Upload” icon in the upper right hand corner of the page. Click this, and browse your PC for the photos you want to add to your iPhone. If you want to select multiple files at once, hold CTRL and click each photo.



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