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Ladies! Natural Ways Of Getting Your B0.0bs Bigger

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Women who are not naturally endowed in the bre.ast department may feel a little inadequate, especially since most men like women with ‘visible’ b00bs.

Many small-bre.asted ladies, have resorted to brea.st augmentation surgery to correct this seeming defect.

However, not only is there a high risk of contracting br*ast cancer after this surgery, some women have been left permanently dissatisfied with the results afterwards. Others have turned to different br*.ast enlargement drugs and creams, which manufacturers swear would increase the bust size in a few weeks or months. Unfortunately, some of these drugs come with their own damaging side effects as well. Nevertheless, all hope is not lost.
You can actually get bigger and fuller b00bs naturally, without bre.ast enlargement surgery or using harmful drugs. Here are 11 tips on how to make that happen:

1. Rub your hands together as fast and as much as you can. This activity will generate heat and energy. Stop when you feel extreme heat in your hands.

2. Put your hands on your br*.asts.

3. Start rubbing your br*.asts inwardly with your hands. Continue rubbing your warm hands around your bre.asts in a circular motion.



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