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See The 5 Benefits Of Attending Church – Must See For All Christians

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Life doesn’t seem to slow down. Most people’s weekdays are typically crammed with school, work, extracurricular activities, cooking and chores. When the weekend hits, most of us want to unwind and have some fun.

The world is becoming more secular, and going to church isn’t as common as it used to be. Even when we consider ourselves spiritual people, religion and church sometimes fall down the list of life’s priorities.

Church provides so much. Here are just five ways that going to church can bless you and your family.

1. Church anchors us

Our kids are bombarded with technology, materialism and questionable media messages. In many families, religion and spirituality have taken a backseat to life’s distractions.

Setting aside a few hours each weekend to attend church provides a much-needed balance. At church, our children can grow closer to God, learn morals and standards and be strengthened spiritually. Church keeps us grounded.

2. We receive spiritual strength at church

Some people question the point of attending church. They argue that they can visit the outdoors and feel close to God in nature. Or, maybe they feel that Sunday is strictly a stay-in-bed, relax-with-the-family day.

While these can be good pursuits, attending church gives us so much more. Singing hymns, praying, participating in Communion or sacrament service, listening to prepared lessons or sermons, and worshipping with a congregation uplifts and strengthens our spirits. The spiritual strength we receive weekly at church, as kids and adults, helps sustain us for each week ahead.

A family day is a great idea, so why not attend church as a family?



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