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10 Nigerian Celebs Who Died In Their Prime

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This list was compiled in remembrance of our talented Nigerian celebs who died in their prime.


1. Mc Loph (Musician)

Nigerian Celebs Who Died
Obiajulu Kenneth Nwaozor, Eastern highlife rapper famed for his hit remake single of Osadebede’s song died in a tragic car crash on 14 September 2011 on the notorious Benin – Ore Expressway.
Nwaozor was travelling to his home town in Anambra State from Lagos to perform his traditional marriage rites. He was driving and his fiancé and her sister were his passengers. His fiancé was the only survivor.
MC Loph had begun to gain his recognition as an artiste in the country, especially in Eastern Nigeria.

2. Cassandra Gabriel (Actress)

Nigerian Celebs Who Died
In 2012, Cassandra Gabriel was taken away by death after a battle with illness believed to be cancer (breast) related.
Cassandra was popular in the TV comedy series, Face2Face where she played the character, Sisi Carol.
Cassandra hails from Okpuje in Igueben local government of Edo State.


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