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10 Nigerian Celebs Who Died In Their Prime

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3. Chindinma Mbalaso (Koko Mansion Star)

Chidinma Mbalaso of the Koko Mansion fame, the 2009 reality show died in Kaduna in 2011, aged 22.
The University of Abuja undergraduate was the 2nd runner up in the maiden edition of this show. She registered her presence at the show with her stunning and beautiful look.
Chidinma was involved in a motor accident while on her way back to Abuja, from Kaduna where she had gone to pick up her car, the very first she bought with her money.
She was driving back to Abuja when a motorcycle ran unto her path.
In trying to avoid the motorcycle she lost control. She sustained serious injuries from the accident and suffered internal bleeding.
She was in coma for hours, with friends and relations trying to get blood for her she died while the efforts were on.

4. CD John (Comedian and MC)

CD John died on March, 2011 after he suffered a serious injury in an auto crash in Lagos last night. Reliable sources said he was driving a Black Gulf 3 car which ran into a stationary vehicle on Lagos Island.
From the accident scene, he was rushed to St. Nicholas Hospital, Lagos Island, where he died. He was on his way back from the “Industry Nite” dedicated to Questionmark Records’ act Harrysong who is promoting his new album. He was the MC at the event held at the Tribeca, Adetokunbo Ademola, Victoria Island, when he crashed his car.


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