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10 Ridiculous Cases Of Politicians Wasting Government Money

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Do you hate paying taxes? Us too. Who doesn’t? Taxes are one thing that everyone can usually rally around as they take a huge chunk of our paychecks, reducing our hourly wages to what seems like mere pennies for our labor. However, despite the complaints, much of our taxes go to the greater good for our countries, spanning healthcare and new roads to school improvements and paying the mailman. Taxes are simply a necessary evil.

Regardless of how our tax dollars are spent, people tend to get worked up about taxes; which causes this to be a topic to avoid at dinner parties, work events, and the like. Today, though, we’re going to provide ammunition to those who argue against big government spending. No, we’re not taking a political stance but are merely showcasing some of the most outrageous expenses from leading politicians. I mean, why help those in need when Katy Perry is headlining this weekend, right?

Which politicians are spending hard-earned taxpayer dollars ridiculously and for their own personal gain? We found 10 of the most outrageous and egregious acts of personal spending that will leave you questioning your ballot selection. From Democrats and Republicans to Europeans and dictators, no one is safe from greedy spending. Who are the worst offenders? Let’s start with the man famous for riding around shirtless on his horse.

Vladimir Putin

Vladimir-PutinVladimir Putin is the extremely controversial leader of Russia who has been rumored to be one of the richest men in the world despite running a country that has recently fallen on hard economic times. While the people around Putin are wondering why the economy has gone dry, it can be fairly easy to criticize him for the way that he spends money. All you have to do is look around and see why so many Russians are upset with Putin and his leadership.

Putin does not have just one ridiculous expenditure to his name, but dozens upon dozens. Some of the more egregious uses of Russia’s money include four dozen aircrafts and four yachts. Putin also likes his jewelry, and has a watch collection that is worth almost three quarters of a million. If all of that sounds too tame and not luxurious enough to be considered ridiculous, consider this: Putin has a toilet that cost $75,000. No, unfortunately, we are not joking.

US Congress Spends $2 Million On Coffee & Doughnuts

US-CongressIf you ask any American on the street, they will likely tell you that the government does not work hard enough, wastes too much money and fails to show up to work as much as they should. All of those seem like very valid complaints, especially when you hear about the ‘pork’ in the government. If you aren’t familiar with the term, it basically refers to money that could easily be cut to save the country more money.

There is perhaps no better example of government pork than the ludicrous amount of money that United States congressmen and women spend on breakfast. These politicians have enough money (and probably time) to pick up their own coffee and donuts, but their breakfast is instead provided to them by only the fanciest places in Washington, D.C. to the tune of $2 million. Perhaps it’s just us, but that seems like a lot of citizens’ hard earned tax dollars at work for the wrong reasons.#



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