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10 Things Very Successful People Never Do – See If You want to be Successful

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Have you ever looked at highly successful people in awe? Do you consider them hard workers, diligent or simply lucky? While it may seem like a combination of luck and diligence, success is often a frame of mind that you have to achieve in order to carve your own path. While we all are guilty of getting caught up in life’s chaos, there is a better way to manage our daily relationships that characterize both our professional and personal lives.

Avoiding unnecessary actions that people do on a daily basis is simple to say but harder to do. How do successful people effectively manage their relationships and their time? What habits do they avoid and which do they work to establish? How do they maintain the respect of others, gaining loyalty and trust?

Here is a list of 10 things that very successful people never do. Sure, there are a million lists of what successful people actually do but what about the habits that they avoid? These are 10 steps to ensure that you will always have a healthy environment around you to eliminate further stress and negativity that can actively block your path to success. What’s on the list and why? We’ll start with a way to better focus on the future rather than on the past.

#10 – They Never Let The Past Control The Future

They-Never-Let-The-Past-Control-The-FutureEvery single one of us will make a mistake at one time or another, but letting one mistake keep you from chasing your dream is only going to hurt you in the long run. You are supposed to learn from mistakes so that you do not repeat them; however, completely avoiding something because of a mistake is a mistake in itself. Consider it this way: everything that you have done before is just an orientation to what you are going to do next.

Dwelling on your past for too long will only take you away from the present. Being out of touch with the present means that you will likely miss out on the future. Mistakes tell you more about yourself, things that you may not have known before. Even things that worked out for you before may not work in the future and that is perfectly acceptable. Always look ahead before you start to look back no matter what you do.

#9 – They Never Gossip

They-Never-GossipToday, it seems like gossip is a billion dollar industry. Everyone wants to know what is going on in the lives of others and why people make the decisions that they do. With this type of gossip filling everyone’s lives and even the media, it can be almost impossible to ignore the chatter going on around you. Eventually, that table is going to turn and gossip will be spread about you and what you do.

The best way to avoid that type of negative gossip toward your reputation, is to never get involved with other people’s gossip in the first place. A successful person is confident enough in his or her self to reach the top by not worrying about the personal lives of the people that they work with. Gossiping is seen as a form of disrespect, and spreading around rumors and secrets is a good way to tag yourself as someone that cannot be trusted or respected.


#8 – They Never Say Yes Without Meaning It

They-Never-Say-Yes-Without-Meaning-ItThe most successful people are the ones who can be trusted and still be authoritative at the same time. Have you ever asked a boss if you could do something for your company and they said “yes” or “maybe” even though you could tell that they really meant “no?” Chances are that you completely lost trust in that boss and even respect. Those that say “no” might be disliked for a short period of time, but they will at least be trusted in the long run.

Saying “no” instead of lying to people is a sure sign of someone that can be given a lot of responsibility and, in turn, success. There is a good chance that the person that you said “no” to won’t even be upset because you were forthright with them in the first place. Straight shooters make their way to the top, so never say “yes” when you know deep down that the answer is really “no.”



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