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15 Best Selling Albums of All Time

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Best Selling Albums of All Time
Regardless of technology nowadays, the listeners of music nowadays have been debating on who has the bestselling albums of all time. Since the cost before of albums are entirely different from now as well as their mode of payments. Before the cost would range from $20 to $45, this is already for the double album, and now at only 99 cents you can now download any song over iTunes which actually should count as sales. As a conclusion, they already separated physical sales from digital sales. So there is a different all-time record sale for physical and digital sales.

Modern Artists are excluded in this list; this is because there is no real statistics of their sales that are typically approved. There are also not enough official figures of the actual movements or sales. Here are the 15 best-selling albums of all time.

15. Queen at around 105 plus million Sales

Best Selling Albums of All Time
They have more than 18 number one albums and 18 singles that are all number 1 in the United Kingdom and the European charts. Hits like “We Will Rock You” and other songs like “Another One Bites The Dust” and including “We Are The Champions”. Queen will always have a secured spot in the music industry with hits after hit during their glory times. Their 1981 Greatest hits album also made history in the United Kingdom with over six million sales and the estimation would range around 150 to 300 million.

14. AC/DC – at around 110 million worth of sales

Best Selling Albums of All Time
It sold at around 200 million albums worldwide and a 71.5 million worth of sales in the US alone. The piece Back in Black album has sold over 40 million copies around the world and around more than 20 million of that is in the United States.

13. Whitney Houston with 112 million album sales

Best Selling Albums of All Time
This lady broke so many records in her time of glory. She has 7 consecutive toppers in the Billboard Hot 100. Her album called “Whitney Houston” had become the most best-selling debut by a lady of all time. The single “I will always Love You” which is actually a famous remake from Dolly Parton, became the music history’s best-selling single by a female performer of all time. The soundtrack from the movie the Bodyguard is the history’s most best-selling sound-track.


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