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15 Best Selling Albums of All Time

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12. Eminem with over 115 million worldwide sales

Best Selling Albums of All Time
In the era of hip-hop, Eminem has really made its mark. He has been regarded as one the best-selling artists in the year 2000s, owning around 45 million sales in the US alone. If we include digital sales and the total physical sales, it would reach around 155 million, and in this list we just counted physical sales.

11. Pink Floyd with over 115 million sales

Best Selling Albums of All Time
They are typically legends already and have sold over a quarter of a billion records in the world, and in the US over around 74.5 million copies are sold. Their fame has been attributed largely to their philosophical lyrics, and amazing shows that are very elaborate. It actually made a huge impact in the music industry a dot the artists that followed them.

10. Celine Dion at around 125 million units sold

Best Selling Albums of All Time
She has the only French-language album named Deux that became the best-selling album in the UK of all time to date. She started her career with a Eurovision Song contest. She is the only female artist who sold more than a million units in the UK. It was the year 2004 when she received the coveted Chopard Diamond Award as the best-selling female performer of all time.



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