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16 Things That Are Definitely In The Nigerian Woman’s Handbag. And Why.

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Boys always want to see what’s in a girl’s handbag. Honestly, I could never understand the fascination since studies have shown that the handbag is dirtier that the toilet, but to each their own.

Compared to the glossy “What’s in Your Bag” columns that most women’s magazines love to stuff on an idle back page, most handbag’s innards make the owners look insane, like a hoarder’s house.

No cellphone on this list. Because they live in our hands now. What’s really in our bags?

1. Make Up

It’s usually in a make up purse inside the big purse. Like a purse-ception. (LOL, I’m so sorry). Because you never know where you’d meet your crush or your future husband. And when you do, your transformation weapons have to be on hand. Most importantly, lipstick in a color that instantly makes you feel a hundred times more powerful with a single swipe.

2. Hand Sanitizer

Hand Sanitizer

Sometimes you shake someone new, sometimes you sneeze into your own hands. For these and so many other reasons, hand sanitizer is a must.

3. Hair tie/bands

In case you need to throw up your hair and get to work.



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  1. Yes ooo! You forgot to mention wraps of Akpu or pounded yam. The other day in my junction, a lady’s bag fell and two giant wraps of Akpu fell out of the bag. Mehn! You needed to see how she and her lady friend were struggling to rescue them as quickly as possible, with shame in their eyes… I wondered why…but it was too late

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