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Nigeria’s 5 Best Universities For Postgraduate Studies | Their Costs & Duration

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2. University of Lagos:
The University of Lagos is one of the nation’s premier universities. It is a first generation school that has churned out tons of graduates and counting. The school is located in the buzzing city of Lagos, the commercial heart of Nigeria! It is reputed to have some of the best faculty members and programs in the country. The University is notable to have a diverse range of lecturers that cross ethnic barriers hence in this school, one frequently encounters lecturers who are of Igbo, Igala, Nupe, Edo, Urhobo, Hausa, etc ethnic group as opposed to University of Ibadan that has majorly Yorubas as faculty members. UNILAG has a strong alumni body like UI and it has carved a niche for itself in its PG programs. Programs include M.A., MPA, MBA, M.Sc, M.Agric, M.Fishery, M.Tech, M.Ed, Ph.D, etc and the school is renowned for Law, Arts, Sciences, Engineering and Social Sciences.
Tuition and cost of living is high! Infact, UNILAG is considered by many as the most expensive public university in the country. PG students spend an estimated average of NGN400,000-NGN500,000 per year on tuition, accommodation and miscellanies. The duration, however, comes as a succour to the overtly high standard of living. Students spend an average of 12-15 Months if they are serious with their studies. The certificate is widely acceptable in all spheres. Course work is relatively easy! Most students are mandated to learn another language (mostly French). 



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