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See the 7 Reasons Youths Go To Church

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Youths of these days are so organised, their days are well-planned, even on a Sunday!

If by coercion or free will they come, then there is a reason:

1. Their Upbringing

Trust me, the culture of attending Church on a Sunday morning has eaten deep into many young folks that their DNA responds to it by default. They go just because they were brought up that way. Right now, they are losing their drive because they are no longer within their parent’s radar. University stress has kept them busy.

2. To free themselves of the boredom of their dad’s house

Some, their parents have placed them under “House arrest” or maybe they live in an estate that going out always warrant series of questioning, especially when their parents attend ‘AG or DLBC’… Going to church is a great opportunity to see the outside world in reality and not through  FB




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