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SEE THE Most Expensive Laptops in the World [+Pictures x Price]

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MacBook Air Supreme ($500,000)

The MackBook Air is changed to MackBook Air Supreme by the well-known originator, Stuart Hughes. The logo of the company on the MackBook Air Supreme is inserted with 53 Diamonds measuring 25.5 carats. The MackBook Air Supreme is changed into three releases, MackBook Air Supreme ICE (210,000), FIRE ($3,35,798) and MackBook Air Supreme Platinum ($5,00,000) release. The ICE Edition body is covered with clean, immaculate platinum. In FIRE Edition, the aluminum body is supplanted with clean immaculate gold. What’s more, in PLATINUM Edition the body is supplanted with unadulterated strong platinum.

MacBook Air Supreme

Tulip E-Go Diamond ($350,000)

The Tulip E-Go Diamond scratch pad is another costly expansion from Ego gathering, furnished with strong palladium white gold plates in which a great many top-quality, splendid cut jewels encrusted. The superb model has an interesting square cut ruby set in both Tulip likewise, is a notable creation accompanied modified fabrics, cowhide, and metals that can be traded whenever. It is about configuration while it has conventional determinations like 1280×800 determination, 2GB RAM, AMD Turion 64-bit CPU, recorded in the top most extravagant tablets on the planet with 350,000 dollars.

Tulip E-Go Diamond


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