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See Why You Should Always Have Airtime On Your Phone

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1. to avoid borrowing from your service provider: believe it or not, you lose money when you borrow from the likes of Mtn, Etisalat, Glo, and Airtel. this becomes regrettable when u are forced to borrow because there is no place to buy at that moment. whatever amount u borrow they deduct 10% of it from the borrowed amount. if you borrow #1000, they will charge you #100 for it. why not always ensure you have airtime on your phone to avoid buying from “black market” when u are stranded.

2.To avoid being embarrassed: have you ever been on a commercial bus and a chic you have been digging asks you to please “flash” her number so she can know where her phone is? now that’s the type of embarrassment I am talking about. if you dare tell her you don’t have airtime she would see you as a smello, your chances of ever getting her drops. your level of confidence around her drops as well.



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