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The Top 10 Coolest Cars in the World [See Pictures]

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Coolest Car in the World
Whether you are just curious or you are planning for your project car, you would surely want to know the top 10 coolest car in the world. There are thousands of cars that are being released every year by different developers and manufacturers all over the world and with that, having a list could be a taunting task. That is one of the main reasons on why people would just ask, what is the coolest car in the world?

But, what is really the coolest car that you can find all over the world? Well, we are going to let you know more about that as you read this article till the end!

Top 10: Ferrari 250 GT SWB Spyder California

Coolest Car in the World
Can you still remember the movie Ferries Bueller’s Day Off that was released in 1980’s? If yes, then this kind of car could be the coolest car in the world during that time. This is being used by Cameron’s dad in the movie and was kept inside a glass case. After all, it was his joy and pride. If you are one of the people who had this car, you are also going to do the same thing. You would even want to have a room for it! Sounds crazy right?

Top 9: Ford GT 40

Coolest Car in the World
This is not about the modern GT that you are thinking but it is the gritty and original GT 40 released by Ford. Are you wondering why it is named as GT40? It is because its height is only 40 inches. You read it right. This is a total lowered car and is built in order to beat the Ferrari at the Le Mans and to tell you, it did win during that time. This is a legendary car that everyone is talking about especially for the enthusiasts.


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