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Top 10 Most Expensive Video Games Ever Developed

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#7 – Red Dead Redemption ($90 Million)

Red-Dead-RedemptionRockstar Games is known for their big budget open world titles, and this is the first of many to appear on this list. The game studio is better known for “Grand Theft Auto”, but has produced a couple of other hits, including “Red Dead Revolver” for the PlayStation 2 and Xbox. “Red Dead Revolver” was a big enough success that a highly anticipated sequel was released in 2010, called “Red Dead Redemption”.

“Red Dead Redemption” takes place in the beginning of the 20th century out in the old west. You play the fictional outlaw John Marston and do bounty hunting jobs for the government because they have your wife and son held hostage. Since there were no cars out in Mexico/California at the time, you ride a horse around instead. That horse becomes your best friend during the game, and ends up having far more sentimental value than any car.

#6 – Too Human ($100 Million)

Too-HumanThe only entrant from Canadian game developer Silicon Knights is the sixth most expensive production in video game history. “Too Human” wasn’t supposed to cost that much to make, as it was planned to be a four disc game for the original PlayStation console. After those plans fell through, Nintendo took a shot at the game but never released it. Microsoft came to the rescue and finally released “Too Human” in 2008, nine years after it was originally set to release.

“Too Human” takes a page from Norse mythology and is set in an alternate universe in the future. The Norse Gods that you know from mythology are actually androids in this game, and have to take on Loki as he tries to destroy humanity (which is a bit of a common occurrence). Baldur is the player controlled God who is deemed “Too Human” because he isn’t android-like, apparently. No wonder it took this a decade to get released!


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