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10 Things Women Need To Stop Apologising For

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Women seriously have a lot to cope with and to add to that, they sometimes have to apologize for things they can’t help.

And I think women should stop apologizing for things that really isn’t their fault, and which they can’t do anything about.

We have this irrational fear that we are not good enough, we are not trying enough or we are not doing the right thing. No matter what, we can’t seem to win.

And to make up for all the ways we have  fallen short, we start vomiting apologies like we’ve got the plague. We just apologise for these things then we start asking ourselves why? The following are 10 things women need to stop apologising for.

1. Being independent

Women have to give excuses to their friends, in-laws, and sometimes their husband for being independent financially and emotionally. This is usually because when people think you are way to independent, they assume you are proud, then you make excuses for yourself and apologise. Don’t. Being independent is something you should be proud of and not sorry.

2. For your body

Whether you have a great body, thin or fat, round or curvy, or you have big breasts or no breasts at all, I think its something you shouldn’t be apologising for. You’ll hear women say stuffs like “Oh I’m sorry I’m so fat!” Seriously? It’s no one’s business how you look, as long as you are okay with it.


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