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10 Things Women Need To Stop Apologising For

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3. Having feelings

Women can be very emotional due to hormones, so if you are crying or overjoyed, you don’t need to apologise to anyone. Say you went to watch a movie with your hubby, you got emotional and you started crying, then you are like “sorry” but exactly what are you sorry for?” For having emotions and not being able to resist the emotions? Also, don’t apologise for loving someone who people think is beneath or above you, feelings are just irresistible.

4. Hating to give blowjobs

Well, I’m sure a lot of women apologise for this. Especially when oga just went down on you, and expect you to do the same, and you are the type that doesn’t like giving the head. Your typical response will be “I’m sorry ” and you will have that prickling guilt. But oh dear you do you really have to be sorry about that? Isn’t it better you don’t bother, than for you to clumsily bite it off.  Besides there’s no rule that says you have to do the same to him, after all there are other ways for you to please him.


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