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5 Tips To Successfully Pass Any Job Interview

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I know how it feels to be tensed and nervous when called for an interview! We don’t seem to know how to get a grip on our nerves thereby letting all that overshadow our brilliance and ability. Luckily, I have put together a few tips on how to get ready for that day and be in control.


How you dress is key! Your prospective employer will definitely put that into consideration because first impressions matter and tell a lot about your personality. Ensure to dress more professionally when going for certain interviews even when you’re not sure of what is expected of you. Do not wear slippers, ill-fitting clothes, stained clothes, too much accessories, sandals, shirts with popped collars or provocative dresses to an interview. Instead go for a more polished look and update your wardrobe with black shoes, heels, dresses, jackets, ties, shirts and a black, blue or grey suit. Don’t also come to an interview chewing gum or drinking coffee, that’s a big turn off to an interviewer. Too much perfume or not enough deodorant won’t help either. Not being appropriately dressed or having weak looking shoes is also a point missed. Talking or texting on your cell phone or listening to an iPod while waiting to be called for the interview may be your final strike and you could be done with your candidacy before you even say a word. Before the day of your interview, put together all what you need and ensure they are clean andironed.Dress the Part for an Interview1



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