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New!! How To Use MTN Blackberry Plan On Android & PC

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2.      For PC Users

Here we are!

PC users with huge files to download need this so called V*P*N S*FTW*RE, but before we proceed, you will need to follow some simple steps before getting the S*FTW*RE. We aren’t asking you for money. Below are the steps to follow:


How Can I Subscribe To Working MTN Blackbery Plan?

  • Subscribe to any BB 10 Plan.

MTN Blackberry plans

I’ll suggest you try it with the daily plan first. If you are satisfy with the result, you can try it out on weekly or monthly basis.

    • For Daily Browsing: load N70 on your MTN SIM, then dial *216*7# or send BBLITED to 21600 OR load N100 and dial *216*10# or text BBMIDID to 21600. (Both the N70 & N100 plan are perfectly working fine & unlimited)
    • For Monthly Browsing: load N1000 on your MTN SIM and dial *216*9# or send BBLITEM to 21600
  • After you subscribe, you should get a welcome message that you have been subscribed to MTN BBMIDID (for daily).

  • Open the V*P*N S*FTW*RE you will get in your email and Click on LISTEN (no configuration required)
  • Now connect your modem using APN gprs.mtnnigeria.net then set your browser to use proxy: & port:8080
  • Then enjoy unlimited browsing, don’t forget to share.

NOTE: The daily plan is capped at 4.5GB

  • Some SIM might stop at 5GB, don’t worry just disconnect and connect again to continue browsing.
  • If you get any message saying
    “Yello! you have used (50%, 75%, 95%) of your bb10 data plan, you will be charged at a bundle rate when your inclusive bundle is exhausted” DONT WORRY KINDLY CONTINUE TO BROWSE

  • If you get a message saying
    “Yello! you have used up your bb10 data plan but you will now continue enjoying data at N0.006835938 kobo/kb until the data plan expires on 2015-03-22” DONT WORRY KINDLY CONTINUE TO BROWSE

ENJOY NOW WHILE IT LAST… don’t forget to drop your comment below.

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  1. Please my own simple server disconnects on its own, what could be the problem?

  2. pls admin… do I need any data subscription to rock the Android simple server…??

  3. How do I get the VPN software?

  4. Pls,does it work for bb10 ? Cos I cant install it

  5. Pls, does it work for bb10 cos I wasnt able to install d app

  6. Admin dis it keeps disconnecting

  7. Admin God bless you so so much works fine on both my pc and android took a while to get but its perfect.

    • Bro hi soweee cud u break it down to me on how u did urz on pc abeg..u cud foward it to. Ma email directly Tnxxxx pls it’s urgent NB plsss a total lame man’s break dwn

  8. Comment:the simple serve just keep rolling. Hw wld I knw wen it’s connected?

  9. pla admin send me the vpn using this email aghodaniel82@yahoo.com

  10. pls send me the vpn s*ftw*re via this email aghodaniel822yahoo.com

  11. Admin please I’ll like to get the VPN software abart2000@ymail.com

  12. I thought MTN was a “mini god” & no go area? That’s why I got stuck to GloBIS plan on my android… Kudos man! At last! ????

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