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Recharge Card Printing business?, See the software used for printing Recharge Cards for sale

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Ever wanted to go into the recharge card printing business, but dont know how to go about it. Well makemoneygeek.com as compiled a comprehensive tutorial for readers of this blog to learn from and see how the software that prints recharge cards works.

But First, Some Facts about recharge card printing!!

The major dealers have their license obtained from the telecommunication companies, while individuals only need to get the rights to printing vouchers. This is done by registering under one of the authentic major dealers and indicating your interest in buying recharge PINS (epins) from them.

So, here are the questions and answers…
1. How Much Do I Need to Start the Recharge Voucher Printing Business?

This entirely depends on the scale at which you want to operate the business. If you are looking at starting with a small scale, you would need between N25,000 and N 40, 000 to start this business. The N25,000 and N 40, 000 would be used to get the basic things you need to start the business. These things are listed above.
2. What are the Pros and Cons of this Recharge voucher printing business?

Just like every other business, the recharge card business has it’s own pros and cons. The major pro is that you will be making money everyday while the major con is that you need to know how to sell/market/advertise. You an generate thousands of recharge vouchers in a day but your success depends on how many of them you can sell. Your ability to sell, market or advertise your vouchers is very important.
3. How Profitable is the recharge voucher printing business?

This business is very profitable for those who know how to sell/market/advertise. For example, let say you get N 100 MTN voucher at the rate of N 95 from major dealers, if you sell an average of 30 vouchers daily, you would be making N 150 per day. In a month, you would have made N 4, 500 on just the N100 MTN vouchers alone. If you sell N100, N200, N500, N750, N1000 and N1500 for MTN, AIRTEL, GLO and ETISALAT at the same rate, this means, you would be pocketing N 4, 500 X 24 = N 108, 000 every month.


What are The Requirements?????

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