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7 Types of Beggars on the Streets of Lagos

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3. The Mother-of-many
This kind of beggar is very easily encountered around market areas and strategic road corners in Lagos. A woman shabbily dressed, usually with sunken eyes that express her dire state of helplessness, sits with a number of babies, sometimes wailing continuously to draw attention and pity. They usually tell the sorrowful story of how they were abandoned by her husband or how she and her husband lost their jobs. These beggars who are hard to ignore, request for cash donations and food supplements from people who stop-by to offer assistance. There have been rumors that some of these beggars actually borrow these babies from other women and they work as a group, however, whatever the case, it is usually best to alert organizations to cater to such people, pointing them to the location of the beggar so they offer help where needed.
4. The Settle-Me road Lords
These are possibly the most annoying of the different beggars encountered in Lagos. This “settle-me” road lord is not your typical beggar with a genuine need and seeking for assistance. They are able-bodied individuals who lurk around busy areas demanding for privileges that they do not necessarily deserve. They target certain people either because they look affluent or vulnerable. Most popular are the ones on the island who stay around areas with bad roads, they help victims whose cars get stuck and then demand to be settled. These kinds of beggars usually work in groups and can get very belligerent, especially if you encounter them around their area.

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