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Ladies Beware: See Signs Of An Unhealthy Vag!na [MUST READ]

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All ladies ought to be worried about their va.ginal well being. A healthy v.agina is actually acidic and contains rich amounts of gainful bacteria that assist fight with the infections and keep up a typical pH level. A healthy va.gina will likewise secrete little measures of discharge to keep itself perfect, much as saliva is delivered to help cleanse your mouth. Any impedance with these typical conditions and you may confront va.ginal disturbance or infection. How do I know if my v.agina is unhealthy? Here are signs which prove that your va.gina is unhealthy…
1. Dry V.agina

Your va.gina is not always dry or wet. But if there is a prolonged dryness down there, you need to get a check up. But if you are above 50 then it is one of the signs of menopause, in which case a dry v.agina is understandable

2. Discoloured discharge
The discharge from the va.gina is normally white or cream in colour, but if it is turning yellow or greenish, then it you might want to show it to your gynaec.
3. Excessive discharge
There are times, when there is excessive va.ginal discharge, which might be because your va.gina is in self-cleaning mode. But if continues for many days, then there might be a possibility that your v.agina needs to see a doc.


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