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Jonathan Relegates Obasanjo To Local League

Since leaving office, former President Goodluck Jonathan has out-staged obasanjo within the international community.

Now all we see of Obasanjo is attending local events were he spews his hypocritical rants about the state of the polity.

The only international event Obasanjo has attended since GEJ left office was as an appointed Nigerian election monitoring envoy – a position made possible by Buhari.

Goodluck is now out shining Obasanjo and he is not finding it funny.

This is why he will in the coming months begin to slander Jonathan just as the likes of oshiomole and falana have been doing with Ngozi Iwella.

There is a Jewish saying that states; ” the best form of revenge, is to live good”.

Oga Jonah and Madam Ngozi keep shining so that your dark enemies will die of jealousy.

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