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List of Cheap Data Subscription Codes for All Networks (MTN, Glo, Etisalat, Airtel)

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Internet data in Nigeria had lately in 2015 been on a low price and at its best. We believe its from the reassessment of Telecommunication networks in Nigeria otherwise known as Network providers data rates, data cap and customers reactions by the NCC.

These new codes are working well on all gadgets/operating systems like ipod, ipad, android, windows mobile, tablets, PC, and have been tested as at the time of posting. See them below…

Please Note: This data plan may not work if you’re using BlackBerry, except it is on Airtel and Glo.

Enjoy your cheap browsing as it last.


* For 2GB: Send “SPB to 131″ in a text message. It will cost you N2,000 and will last for a complete one month.

* 4.5 GB day & Night: 30days, cost N2,500, Text ”120 to 131” in a message.

* 4.5GB: 1 Month, N2,500, To activate: Text ‘102 to 131’. (Shared for Night & Day. i.e, 2.5GB day time, the remaining 2GB for night hours; 9pm to 9am).

* 2,015MB (2GB), @N2,015, 30days. Text ‘SPB to 131’.


* For 1GB: Simply Dial *229*10*10# and will cost you N500 | It will last for 24 hours. I simple rates this plan as an emergency plan.

* For 1GB: Dial *5995*2#, cost N1,000. Last for 3 Days (Week Ends).

* For 2GB: Dial; *229*2*8#, Cost N2,000, Validity: 30days.

* 1GB: dial *229*2*7#, N1,000, Validity: 30days. (Note: If it selects your Etisalat SIM, simply use an INFINIX Hotnote Android mobile to activate it with the desired SIM Card).


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  1. Quite a useful information. Thanks.

  2. Most of these plans have been increased especially that of glo. So update this info as they are out of date. #3000 wil give u 6GB on glo, #2500 will give u 4.5GB etc….Pls update…

  3. Thnaks for the info but most of it if not all is out of date. Epecially glo data plans e.g. #3000 will give u 6GB, #2500 will give u 4.5GB etc visit http://www.gloworld.com or sms menu to 127 from a glo line for details

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