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MUST READ: Checkout NYSC ‘Allowee’ For All States In Nigeria

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This is NYSC Allowance For States In Nigeria to answer their questions.

However, there may be some increment as time goes on.
Here is the list of the state Allawi in Nigeria for corpers.

1. Akwa Ibom State Pays N10,000

2. Lagos state Pays N15,000 and sometimes N10,000 to corpers in ministry and N5000 to those in LGA.

3.Sokoto State pays N4,000 and N9,000 to those in state hospital.

4.Enugu State Pays N10,000

5.Oyo State Pays N3,800

6.Osun State Pays N5,000

7.Kano State Pays N4,000

8.Borno State Pays N1,000

9.Niger State Pays N6,000

10.Yobe State Pays N2,500

11. Bayelsa Pays N3,000



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  1. Abeg nah daily Abi nah tomatoes allowee be this ?

  2. Ondo …..free

  3. Comment: ondo state dont pay Corpers yet we sign that we are collecting.

  4. Comment: ondo staye no dey pay too. and Corpers dey sign say them collect

  5. I will like to point out that IMO state doesn’t pay Corpers. Some Local Governments pay, but definitely not The Governor’s office.

  6. kwara states doesn’t even pay workers for months. how will they remember to pay Corpers?

  7. Niger state has stop paying since the new Governor came into power.

  8. Ogun state no pay ooo

  9. Wt abt Abuja fct

  10. A whole Fct abuja no dey pay anything. Shame!

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