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5 Nigerian Comedians That Are Not On Good Terms

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Do you know that not all Nigerian comedians are best of friends?

Let’s take a look at top Nigerian comedians that are not on good terms.


Basketmouth and AY Comedian

What started the bad blood between Basketmouth and his colleague AY comedian is not known but it is an open secret that the two are not on good terms.

Not only are they not on good terms, Basket and AY never see eye to eye.

Basketmouth famously didn’t attened the last AY Live concert in Lagos. When he was asked why he didn’t go he said “i dont go where i am not invited”. Apt!


Helen Paul and Gordons

Their war happened at AY Live in Port Harcourt in 2015 .

The headliners of the show comedians Helen Paul and Gordons abused the heck out of each other on stage at the event.

Helen Paul started by taking a swipe at her colleagues, I Go Dye, Gordons, Basketmouth and Ali Baba. Then Gordons came on stage and abused Helen. Helen came back on stage and blasted Gordons once more.

The two have not been spotted together since that time.

Bovi and AY Comedian

Comedian Bovi believes comedian AY stole his joke from 2008.

In Bovi’s version told 8 years ago, Bovi narrated that, a security man had to headbutt his boss’s daughter because the boss had earlier told him to use his head to prevent the daughter from going out …

In AY’s version, he tells his security man to use his head in a bid to top his girlfriend from visiting him during his date with another.When the security man asks how to prevent her from gaining entry, AY says “Use your head” When the girl comes,the security man headbutts her.

Bovi’s fans agreed the skit was a rip off of Bovi’s intellectual property. And others argue that, though comedians borrow jokes, using it as a skit is another thing entirely.


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