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9 Amazing Facts About February You Probably Didn’t Know

What a lot of people know about February is that it is the month of love – All thanks to Valentines Day on February 14th. However this isn’t the only thing the second and shortest month of the year possesses. Before the month comes to an end, Date360ng would like to tell you some interesting facts about February that we are sure you never knew…

1. February is named after the purification ritual Februa, which was a sort of early Roman spring cleaning festival.

2. In Old English, February was called Solmonath (Mud month) or Kale-monath (Kale or cabbage month).

3. February frequently occurs in lists of the most commonly misspelt words in the English language. So true right?

4. The Americans have trouble with the word February too – last year, a press release from the White House consistently spelt it as Feburary.5. Much Ado About Nothing is the only Shakespeare play that mentions February.6. Before Julius Caesar’s calendar reform of 45BC, February was the only month with an even number of days. All the rest had 29 or 31.7. February is the only month that can pass with no full moon. This will next occur in 2018.

8. The birthstone for February is amethyst. The birth flower is the violet or iris.

9. The ancient Greeks believed that amethyst protected the wearer from drunkenness.

If you didn’t know… Well, now you do!!!

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