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‘I Don’t Like The Olajumoke, The Bread Seller Turned Model’s Story’ – Peter Adeosun Writes

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Regarding the Spiritual angle that our people have taken Jumoke’s saga to, plus other things on this issue, Peter Adeosun Keyz writes:

I don’t like the Jumoke, the bread-seller-turned-model’s story. And I’m sad about how it has become an ‘inspiring’ story that’s circulating all over social media. I’m happy for her & I congratulate her but that’s just about it. The way people have gone about it is comical to me & also insults my reasoning. It bugs my mind.


First of all, why has it made so much news around here? Because we’re a superstitious people under prolonged suffering & oppression. The situation in the country has made people hopeless on what to do to achieve any level of comfort in life. So we’ve resigned to fate. So when they hear the story of someone that ‘achieved’ something great (more like ‘that something great happened to’) without any effort, it touches us in some serious ways. In a country where opportunities abound, this lady’s story would’ve made rounds but not at this intensity. Next thing, everybody has loads of her pictures on their phones. I’m worried!

Why aren’t I happy about it? Because one, it’s a sign of how much we’ve fallen in our expectations in life. We no longer believe in what we can do for ourselves. Rather, things that are not our making (e.g., being born a slim instead of fat person) are now what we rely on to make it in life. As if this lady put in any work or intelligence to have that height & body shape…

And two, because it speaks to our innate desire to want to achieve something without much effort. Everybody wants divine favour. People don’t even mind if they don’t deserve what they’ve got. They just want to get what they haven’t worked for. That’s why they fill up churches & camps everyday — unmerited favour, overnight success, etc. What a sorry set of people we are! No economy can develop with that mindset.

Olajumoke O4

Of course, we’re all happy that MSc. holders are finding it difficult to rent an apartment in Lagos. The drama of an illiterate bread seller that now lives in a posh estate is sweet enough for us to relish. If you say she’s gotten the reward of her diligently hawking her bread, I’d feel better.

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  1. Hmmmmmm great story

  2. Hmmmmmmm

  3. I think I like this piece….man is naturally lazy. And does not want to work. We want it easy, easy, easy. Nothing is attributed to personal effort or success anymore. God is indeed good, His Mercies endureth forever

  4. If u don’t believe in divine and unmerited favour it’s bcos u av Neva experienced it.For ur information, dere is nothing God cannot do and he can change anybody’s story in a moment.So u feel everytin u av achieved in life is as a result of ur hard work? #funny#

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