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Peter & Paul Okoye of P-Square Finally Part Ways?? [MUST READ]


I think its safe to say that Peter and Paul Okoye of P-Square have parted ways a long time ago. Reason? We all can remember the reported feud between the duo many months ago that made headlines with rumors flying that the group has finally went there separate ways ?.

The truth is the rumors might actually be true because since then we have not really seen the P-Square we used to know. Although they got back together, did a couple of shows but its not quite it. Now fast forward to today, they have not been attending shows neither are they releasing songs. They seem to be in different places and mindset right now in life. They are both married and they have more responsibilities and obligations (Wives and Kids).

That being said, Peter Okoye as we must have noticed has kinda moved on,  he has shown an interesting passion for Sports recently and he confirmed to the media that he is indeed investing in Football.


peter-okoye-hazard peter-Okoye-Etoo

Paul on the other end, flaunted a new record label, signed a new act Muno under the new record label called Rude Boy Records,Munodropped 2 singles in which he featured Paul Okoye in one.

Here is another reason for us to believe that P-Square days might finally be over. Without further ado, check the picture before as picture they say is worth a thousand words

That is a song in the making or already made by Tiwa Savage and Paul Okoye (P-Square). Do we need more proof that the Okoye brothers might just have parted ways ? Should we still be expecting songs from P-Square or we the fans should as well move on ?

Whats your take on this, Is it just me or this looks exactly like it ?? Drop your comments below.

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