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“The Husband Of The Breadseller Vs. The Husband Of The Model, – The Olajumoke Story”

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By Praise Fowowe


Events of the last few days have left me with mixed emotions. In as much as I am so excited about the change in fortune of Olajumoke, I have also stepped aside to think through the implications of this new found fame.

As a student of life, one thing I have come to become afraid of is instant stardom. This is because from my knowledge of history especially reading through the Bible, the first man to be an instant adult fell by the way in the third chapter of Genesis (as chronicled by the legendary leader Moses).

I am a family life coach and family is everything to me. I sit in counseling sessions daily and I am amazed at the rate at which marriages fail in this part of the world and the factors responsible for these marital failures. I come out on the strength of this to sound the alarm before what we never bargained for happens.

The attention seems to have been so much on Jumoke, the model, and I wonder what the plan is for her husband?
For the records, no story has been told of her marital relationship prior her stardom.

The Yoruba speaking Olajumoke who was intellectually compatible with her husband left the house that fateful day. But, there is a new Jumoke now, one who has become a cynosure and the latest celeb in the nation.

What role would this play in her family life?

May I state here that all the corporate giants that have suddenly rolled out their drums to beat a new dance for Jumoke, the beautiful bride, should also extend the same gestures to her husband so we do not end up with a celeb whose marriage may struggle in days to come.


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  1. olatunji Adeosun

    I really enjoy every word that was been used in describing olajumoke here. I pray she never get carried away by all of this and abandone the life she has been living before. Tushing the husband up to her level is a very good idea. May God Almighty help you all.

  2. God bless ur wisdom.

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