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6 Types Of Nigerian Nurses You’re Most Likely To Meet At A General Hospital

Nigerian nurses are like the backbones of government hospitals, that is why when they go on strike, activities in the hospital almost completely come to a halt. There are the friendly ones and of course the ones who do not take nonsense, even from a dying man. Everyone has different views about nurses and general hospitals but the most common thing you would hear about them is that nurses are rude and it takes getting to the hospital at dawn and leaving at dusk to see a doctor. Anyways, in this piece we bring you the 6 types of nurses anyone who has ever visited a general hospital has most likely met…

No chill fellas – Some nurses at the general hospital could win an award for being extremely rude. They act like they are doing for free a job they are being paid to do. If you want to have your day ruined, all you need to do ask them a simple question, like where the restroom is.

Helpers – These ones are surprisingly nice and polite but the percentage of nurses like this is probably less than 10%. They answer questions politely and take the pains of putting you through anywhere you need help.

All knowing – To these ones, doctors know nothing. They act like the nurses, the doctors, pharmacists, lab scientists and chief medical director, all in one.

The Clueless – They know absolutely nothing about the profession but would act like they know it all. A task as simple as taking the blood pressure of a patient becomes an herculean task for them.

Tip Lovers – These ones need you to tip them for everything and if you do not do it voluntary, they tell you outrightly. You don’t want to mess with this one because your file might be the last to get to the doctors office, if you do not take the hint.

Bureaucrats – These one would stick to hospital policies even when a patient is about to die and the policies need to be adjusted a little. They do this not because they want to uphold rules but hide behind it to evade work. You do not want to meet these ones ever, when you urgently need help.

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