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My Experience At A Strip Club In Lagos

I didn’t wake up one morning and added Str!p club to my itinerary for the day. It just happened.
A friend of mine came by late evening and we were deciding if we should see a movie or just stay back and chat when he said, “Let’s go to a Str!p club!”
I’ve been to a Str!p club only once in my life and I didn’t spend more than a minute. A friend dared me to follow him and when we got there, I was the one begging to leave. Ever since, I have been curious to know what goes on within a Nigerian Str!p club.

The one I visited last week Thursday was on the mainland.
The regular section was kind of rowdy so my friend took me to the VIP section. Immediately we got in, I saw only one girl dressed in skimpy undies, sprawling and grinding the floor alone. Occasionally, she would climb up and slide down the pole.
I thought that was all they could offer.

After a few minutes, a crazy looking girl replaced her.
Then it started to get interesting.
She climbed the pole and started twerking on it. Every now and then, she slid down like a palm wine tapper and climbed again as expertly as a monkey. I gasped when she took off her G-string and flung it in on the table. I thought she was wearing another small-letter-g-string beneath only for me to peep closely to see her kini in its full gory. She wore a jewelry there that looked like a tiny bell and each time she twerked, it looked like it rang from left to right. I think I embarrassed my friend cos I was the only one laughing out loud like a village girl.

Meanwhile, it was getting hot besides me. Another Str!pper was giving an angry looking man a lap dance stark Unclad. Occasionally, he would slap her bum and squeeze her br€a$ts while maintaining a stiff face devoid of excitement! It was as if he was being punished or being forced. His facial expression seemed like he had a bad day at work and he needed to expunge that anger by constantly slapping her bum.

Me, I was just looking at his face and thinking of his wife. When he noticed I wouldn’t take my eyes off him, he gave me a very unfriendly stare that forced me to face front.

More and more customers started to troop in with different Str!ppers.
I was particularly curious about how the Str!ppers got the job and what they do doing the day. I guess the visitors were all frequent visitors to the club because they each had a particular girl they smacked and squeezed freely. The Str!ppers were smoking heavily, some were in a corner adjusting their pant&bra and while others were twerking in front of the pole.

The funniest part of my night was when NEPA took light was several seconds and messed up one of them twerking rhythm on the pole.
After a while, I started to get bored. The arena now felt like a university female hostel bathroom that played loud music and was open to visits by men. My friend thought it was the time we take our leave.

Nigerian Str!pper$ costume
Gold or brown wigs
Waist length braids
Ankle boots from Jumia
G string

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