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25 Most Dangerous Roads in the World [+Pictures]

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Are you ready for a road trip? How often do you get in the car, buckle your seatbelt and set off on your daily commute, to run an errand or leave for vacation without thinking twice about the road ahead? Chances are most of your drives fall on the safe side only requiring you to dodge a pothole here or there. But what if you had to travel more dangerous roads or navigate risky terrain?

Many countries like the United States and Canada have excellent roads and driving standards where most drivers only have to worry about weather conditions and other people on the road. This isn’t always the case, however, as some corners of the world are faced with extremely dangerous roads filled with crater-sized potholes and steep drop offs in addition to mudslides, blizzards and flash flooding that leave drivers gripping the steering wheel and holding on for dear life!

Out of the millions of roads in the world, which are the most dangerous and where are they located? Join us on an epic trip around the globe as we take a look at the 25 most dangerous roads in the world and uncover what makes them so scary! Are you ready for the ride of your life? Let’s hit the road!

#25 – A726 (Scotland)

Traveling to the beautiful country of Scotland for the first stop on our list, the A726 is one of Scotland’s busiest and most dangerous roads as it stretches from Strathaven through Glasglow before stopping at the Erskine Bridge. While parts of the road are considered safe, the A726’s deadliest section extends from Strathaven to Renfrewshire where accidents pile up in a matter of seconds as a result of blind turns and oversized vehicles that tend to drift across both lanes.

While local community councils have teamed up with Scotland’s transportation department to reduce the speed limit on sections of the twisting road, accidents continue to happen because of the road’s incredible disrepair. Marked by potholes, uneven lanes and no room for errors, the transportation department hasn’t found a safe way to close sections of the road to make repairs while giving drivers enough notice to slow down or turn around. And, with conditions like rain, snow and ice, the road’s risk factor only goes up.

#24 – U.S. Route 431 (United States)

Nicknamed Alabama’s “Highway to Hell,” the first of two stops in the United States is on the U.S. Route 431 that stretches from the Alabama-Tennessee line down the eastern side of the state all the way to Dothan, Alabama. While the road is in good condition compared to so many others on the list, its fear factor is through the roof as a result of poor visibility and blind curves, quick lane changes and speeding that plague thousands of drivers traveling on any section of its 353 miles.

One of the biggest distractions on the Highway to Hell as well as a constant reminder of its danger level is the hundreds of crosses that litter the sides of the road. Standing in all sizes and colors with everything from flowers, streamers and American flags around them, the crosses serve as memorials to all those who lost their lives on the highway. Facing the harsh reality and working diligently over the past decade to make the highway safer, the state of Alabama has increased police presence on the route but even that has only had a minimal impact.

#23 – Patiopoulo-Perdikaki Road (Greece)

Definitely not for the faint of heart, the only entrant on the list from Greece is also the country’s most dangerous – the Patiopoulo-Perdikaki Road, which we’ll call PPR for short. Located in the northeastern region of the village of Aetolia-Acarnania, the mountainous PPR begins at 2,300 feet above sea level and climbs to an altitude of over 3,800 feet in an extremely short 14.6 miles. With no markings to distinguish the narrow lanes, it’s no wonder why it takes nerves of steel for anyone to drive this stretch of road.

Despite offering beautiful views of the countryside, it’s nearly impossible to take in the scenery as drivers must pay close attention as they share the road with pedestrians, livestock, buses and other vehicles. To make matters worse, upkeep on the PPR is nonexistent but potholes prove to be the least of anyone’s concern. With no guardrails to protect drivers from the road’s steep drops or lights to mark the way at night, the driving conditions are nerve-wracking, to say the least, as the road offers little grip rain or shine.

#22 – Trans Siberian Highway (Russia)

Though we may be cheating here by listing the Trans-Siberian Highway, its seven roads stretching across Russia between the Baltic Sea and the Atlantic Ocean are some of the most notoriously dangerous in the country. Considered one of the longest roads in the world at nearly 7,000 miles, the highway was constructed by prison inmates with the majority of it being easy to navigate. The section between Chita and Khabarovsk is an entirely different matter, however, as it wasn’t finished until 2004 and has earned a reputation as the deadliest.

Typically covered in ice during Russia’s bitterly harsh winters and impassible mud in the rain-filled summers, the Trans-Siberian Highway is in terrible condition with many sections of the road left unpaved. Travelers are warned to only use the road between June and September and to never drive alone as the highway passes through some of the toughest environments from dense forests to long stretches of open land that offer no safe havens for those stranded or in need of rest, gasoline or food.



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