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Top 10 Illuminati Conspiracy Theories

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Who doesn’t love a good conspiracy theory? If you have ever felt as though you weren’t in control of your life or perhaps as though you were living like a puppet on a string, you are definitely not alone since there are thousands of people around the world who feel the same way. As a matter of fact, many of these people identify as conspiracy theorists who believe in one of the oldest conspiracies in the world that is led by a group of highly influential people known as the Illuminati.

Supposedly founded in 1776 as an underground operation to ensure order and exert their influence, the Illuminati now refers to a variety of secret organizations that theorists believe have complete control over the world’s affairs. According to these theorists, the Illuminati are masterminds and puppeteers behind every aspect of life from political matters and the economy to what people wear, eat and even the music they like.

Though only five percent of the world actually believes in the Illuminati as controlling lizard people wearing human disguises, this hasn’t stopped conspiracy theories from running wild. Out of all the Illuminati theories, which ones have had the biggest impact on the world and just how outrageous are they? If you love conspiracies, then you’re in for a real treat as we take a look at the top 10 Illuminati conspiracy theories and learn how some theorists believe the secret society has the world on their puppet strings!

#10 – Sports

It’s a total knock out in the ring! Everyone is in on the secret that professional wrestling typically has predetermined winners and losers but, have you ever wondered what other sports would be like if they were that way as well? How would it change things? Some conspiracy theorists seem to believe that most sporting events have a predetermined outcome, especially when it comes to American football. Why? The conspiracy was born when Walter Camp, a member of the Skull and Bones secret society, became the father of modern American football.

Known for their notoriously close games and interesting storylines featuring star players, the National Football League drums up revenue to the tune of a whopping $13 billion each year making them an easy target for conspiracy theorists. In September 2011, the NFL conspiracy was taken to the next level when the Patriots won the Super Bowl months after the terrorist attacks. The fact that players like Ray Lewis, Peyton Manning, John Elway and Jerome Bettis have all retired with Super Bowl wins in their final seasons has helped spread the theory that “football is just storylines.”

#9 – Elvis Presley

“You ain’t nothing but a hound dog!” Believed to control the world of music and what musicians are popular at any given time, could it be possible that the Illuminati were involved with the King of Rock and Roll? If you’re a believer in the Illuminati, then Elvis Presley was undeniably their greatest invention after selling over 600 million albums around the world featuring hits like “Heartbreak Hotel,” “Hound Dog” and “Return to Sender.” Taking home a Lifetime Achievement Award at the Grammy’s when he was only 36 years old, Presley died six years later leaving the world with only a memory of one of music’s greatest legends.

When it comes to the King and the Illuminati, there are several different theories with many believing that Presley was a pawn who wasn’t as popular as he once was and wanted out of the business. The Illuminati obliged by killing off Elvis’s character while allowing him to live out the rest of his life under the name of John Burrows. Others believe that the Illuminati sent Dr. George Nichopoulos to create a slow decline in Presley’s health to make him seem even more “Christ-like” to his fans. After Presley’s death, his record sales went through the roof leaving us to wonder if the Illuminati was having a closeout sale.

#8 – Chemtrails

It’s a bird…it’s a plane! You’ve probably looked up to the sky hundreds of times to watch an airplane as it flies overhead and leaves a vapor trail behind. While most people know that the trail is made of condensation, those who believe in the Illuminati have a much more sinister view of what these cloud lines actually hold. In fact, the Illuminati don’t believe it’s condensation at all but is, instead, made of harmful chemicals better known as “chemtrails.”

So what could possibly be in these trails and what type of harm (if any) could they cause to people below? Conspiracy theorists believe that the supposed chemtrails actually contain a mind control substance that slowly dissipates on the Earth’s surface in order to give the Illuminati even more control over the world. They also believe that the harmful chemicals make people sick leaving them no other choice but to buy Illuminati-made drugs. Apparently, actually being on the airplane is the only way to stay out of harm’s way.



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