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10 Nigerian fashion trends we are glad to see dead [SEE PICTURES]

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fashion trends that we are blissful to see go

These trends after all contributed to a oddness of a aged cinema that would be constructed if we were to check. In truth, there were some things we deliberate as a ‘reigning things’ then. Everyone wanted to use them.

There were some garments that were in vogue, hairstyles we would not wish to skip doing and ladies rocked a sold character of sauce then. Remember a epoch of restraining tops? Yeah, we would be holding we by that proviso again. Even some songs are tagged oldies and a youths of a time would giggle out shrill when they hear some of these songs.

Going down memory lane, we really cannot help laughing at our sense of fashion then, no one saw anything wrong with doing those things. However, there are some of the fashion trends that we would be glad to see dead. Actually some of them are dead already.

Find some of these passed conform trends below:

1. My Money grows like grass

fashion trends that we are blissful to see go

Seriously this tip rocked Nigeria like crazy! Every tom, dick and bother wore this. It got to a indicate it was vitriolic saying a shirt everywhere. it was formidable revelation a strange from a fake. You can be certain that we would see during slightest fifty people in a day rocking theirs. The saddest partial is a infancy of these people would be looking unwashed and unkempt. You would now be left wondering what income they are articulate about in a initial place.

2. Ama kip kip

fashion trends we are blissful to see dead

What are they ‘kipping’? Mscheeeew. This is another shirt we do not wish to see again. There were opposite colors and a large boys rocked it like mad. The shirt mislaid a value a impulse it became a common wear. You would see it in a hook down boutiques; a irritating partial was people did not caring either it was common then, everybody only wanted to have one. We are certain yours is still in a wardrobe. If we are certain of yourself wear it out and tab us.


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