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4 Ways To Not Allow Social Media Rule Your Life

Social Media

Social media is one of the greatest developments of the 21st century and has influenced the lives of millions if not billions but it shouldn’t rule your life. Here are four ways to not allow social media rule your life.
1. Follow the necessary:

Social media is very tempting and everything can tend to look good and attractive but not all things actually help us be the best version of ourselves. Thus, only follow pages that add consistent value to your life.

2. Block away:

Don’t apologise for keeping people at bay, if they are stressing you or bringing your mood or esteem down, because we have a lot of cyber bullies these days. |Don’t let anyone rub you of your happiness, simply block them!
3. Be minimal:

Social media is still the internet in case you may have forgotten. Once you put stuff up there, it stays there forever. Thus, try to only put up things that you won’t  regret having up for years to come. I’d advise staying away from the personal things like family posts.

4. Do you:

In the end, anything you do should make you feel comfortable and not be all about the other person(s), so craft your social media pages to suit your personality. Although, it may not be in good form to do this, but many interprete you via your social media page.

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