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Full Story of The Notorious Armed Robber, Shina Rambo [MUST READ]

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Shina Rambo (born c. 1963) is a former bandit who terrorized South-West Nigeria in the 1990s. After serving jail time for his crimes, he was converted by an evangelist and became a Christian evangelical pastor. Shina Rambo now Mathew Oluwanifemi was a
name that sent shivers down the spine of people who lived in the South West of Nigeria and even outside Nigeria, like Benin Republic and neighborhood, in the 1990s.
He was a hardened criminal, a terror, and killer, one whom men of the security agencies will never forget in a haste.

A man mountain, towering about 6 ft 5inch, well built, dark-skinned and sweltering eyes, he carried out his operations, like a movie, in the broad daylight, with
sophisticated weapons, and bullet belts and explosives strapped roundabout him.
He specialized in robbing exotic cars on highways and banks. Nothing could stop him, not even security operatives, he was totally invincible. He was Shina

He was born in the year 1958 to a military man who was a bad egg in the service. His father was from Abeokuta in Ogun state, but his mother was a native of Sabongida–Ora in Edo state.

His father had over 18 wives, as was the norm for soldiers to impregnate virtually every woman they met where they were posted to.His father used his military influence to rob innocent citizens, and always brought huge amount of money home.
This used to entice little Shina. He recalls, “I remembered when I was about 7 years old, my father came home with a lot of money, foreign currencies, with blood on it, and they were using something like a woman’s scarf to wipe it, then I asked him, is this an animal’s blood, or human blood? But he wouldn’t answer me, they were just drinking, smoking, and
merry making.

”Shina was already indoctrinated into the underworld by his father at a tender age of 7 without him knowing it, as he would sit in front of his son, to dismantle and assemble all sorts of weapons and then polishing them in preparation for an operation.
This went on for so long till one day, little Shina, entered into his father’s room while he had stepped into the toilet, and saw a dismembered gun on the floor.



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  1. Baba for the streets

    This man is a charlatan eating off the name of the real Shina Rambo, maybe a burglar or a village goat thief that went to prison. Shina Rambo died in 1993. Use your common sense do you really think any armed robber will kill people or policemen and still be alive? Armed robbers are killed by firing squad those days and even now they waste them in detention.

  2. Aduragbemi Ayeyemi

    Thank God for his life. More are still coming to christ

  3. Aduragbemi Ayeyemi

    Thank God for his life. More are still coming to Christ.

  4. Shina Rambo was never caught…

  5. chima reginald okpala

    I don’t know if this story is true but it is believing…
    So many questions I want to ask..
    is this man still alive?

  6. Shina Rambo is still alive and was never caught. He lives in Benin Republic.

  7. I thank God for his life. Let all Parents be warn and learn on how to behaving in the presence of their children. This is a great lessons for all parents.

  8. Xtra Felis Concolor

    Comment:baba for the street please no hard feelings…can u enlighten us on how shina rambo was caught and executed? We all learn somehow. I see diverse opinions and I know where I stand I definitely where you stand which Is why I ask us to be tutored plzzzzzzzz! Cheers

  9. Thanks to the most high. For his mercy on him

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