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10 Most Annoying Things People Do On Public Transport

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4. Playing loud music
Nobody asked you to DJ their commute. Especially not to the sounds of some tinny, techno remix that sounds like somebody dropping a xylophone down a flight of stairs.
5. Eating smelly food
Few things in this world smell worse than someone else’s McDonalds combined with that certain mystery must you only find on public transport.
6. Reading over somebody else’s shoulder
Glad you find my half-composed text message or copy of Gone Girl so interesting but please stop before I end up locked in the awkward struggle of wondering whether to turn the page when I’m finished or wait for you to catch up.
7. Carrying enormous bags during rush hour
We know it’s unfair. We know it can’t always be helped. And we know we’ve all been guilty of it at some stage. But that doesn’t change the fact that it’s so very, very annoying for half the carriage to be taken out like dominoes every time the passenger carrying a rucksack big enough for a round-the-world trip turns round.


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